MyAngle is the project of Media Artivism, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Georgia and supported by Free Press Unlimited. This is the only professional network that exists to bring together journalists, photographers, videographers, artists, graphic designers, musicians and other creative workers in the South Caucasus on one platform to support multimedia journalism, connect those with different but complimentary skills, and encourage collaboration.

We believe that in this new age of journalism, collaboration and connections between professionals are more important and beneficial than competition. The MyAngle multimedia network was therefore created in order to bring professionals with different skills together in one space, to support and encourage them to communicate and collaborate with each other, to share their experience and unique skills, and to create professional and outstanding multimedia.

If you are a journalist, photographer, filmmaker, sound engineer, or graphic designer interested in Multimedia Journalism and want to create something relevant and creative, but feel you can not do it on your own, MyAngle is the place for you. Through this network you can combine your own skills with those of others, share experience with your peers, receive professional advice, explore creative ideas of storytelling, and fulfill your own.



We appreciate your feedback at: MyAngle@myangle.net

For specific questions you can contact Directly:

George Gogua - Project Author/Coordinator in Georgia: George@myangle.net

Nelly Shishmanian - Coordinator in Armenia: Nelly@myangle.net

Ahmed Mukhtar - Coordinator in Azerbaijan: Ahmed@myangle.net

Onnik James Krikorian - Project Consultant - Onnik@myangle.net

Levan Kherkheulidze - Photo Editor: PhotoEditor@myangle.net