Welcome to MyAngle

As a multimedia journalist I often found myself working alone, not because I didn’t need or want to work in a team, but because it was usually difficult to find others to work with. So why not create something that can bring photographers, storytellers, videographers, scriptwriters, musicians, and graphic designers into one space?

Without that, it would be unlikely that they would ever encounter each other. And so I started SHARING the idea with others such as Ahmed Mukhtar and Nelli Shishmanyan, friends who became co-founders of the site as well as board members of the MediaArtivism NGO, as well as our consultant, Onnik James Krikorian. 

And what you see is the just the beginning. There are lots more ideas and features waiting to be introduced.  

Indeed, keeping in spirit with the purpose of the site, we are more than interested to hear your suggestions regarding MyAngle’s future development. But the main thing we hope to receive from you is for you to share your work, meet each other on or offline, communicate, and collaborate. 

That’s certainly how I see the future, with interesting and creative stories produced through teamwork and the dedicated commitment of people who can combine many different angles of the same story into one. That idea now lives and breathes in the form of MyAngle through you, the user.

I am therefore pleased to introduce you to MyAngle, the first ever professional multimedia network in South Caucasus that allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other, to share your work, and follow the work of others engaged in similar spheres.

Enjoy yourself and create Your Angle on MyAngle

Best regards

George Gogua

P.S. Special thanks to Free Press Unlimited for supporting our vision and to Nelli Shishmanyan who came up with the MyAngle name.