His name is Rokse.

Rokse is first hero of my photo project named "The others". This project shows a young, unusual and talented people.

"My name is Azer and I am 20 years old lad. I am an illustrator but recently I also started to follow street art. This year I finish my course at BGU and my aim after that is to continue my studying in Italy. To be honest, I don't want just to stick with one direction I want to try and develop in different stuff as well.

Also I am thinking about a career or fashion designer. My close friends including my friends thinking about to open In the future "Art Studio". I started to Draw from childhood. After that I moved to do stuff with illustration, and then I get a big interest in graffiti. Already I am making little money from my illustration and graffiti works. The main thing is that graffiti was more than a hobby for me. More I was doing this job - more graffiti took place in my life.

Graffiti has helped me to find my self. Cause of this I make loads new friend. Our interests are similar. Now I realise that I am not only one who interesting in this stuff.

I believe that the person who decided on something at the beginning of the path leading to chance. Random book in a coffee shop when he heard a song or movie.

This happened to nick choice Rokse. Probably many of you know that all graffiti artists have a nickname, which is usually signed. And often, nickname and drawing style should be integral and fit together. My handwriting color and light, so I wanted to choose something soft and moving, so at first I chose Smooth. But something in him was not something somehow it did not reflect what I want to convey to your drawings. So I'm pretty happy, having come across in the film at random Rokse. Easy, memorable and very appropriate.

In fact, you can tell a lot about the life of graffiti artist, but what sort of emotions drawings filled life is very difficult to convey in words ...

Just imagine, your drawings are scattered throughout the city, people take pictures with them, sharing in social networks, expressed admiration - and with all this, do not know who the author is.

And you look at it from the outside, grin, and continue to draw ...

I am very pleased that we have allowed space for the graffiti, it helps those who have not decided to paint illegally doing things you love. But then, at the same time, random drawings have unrivaled advantage:
Citizen falls asleep and when waking up to see a familiar figure gray wall. And this is the secret graffiti artist risovalpopokrovom night, when the whole city was asleep. That's a surprise!

And that's for the sake of small pleasures, I think, many graffiti artists continue to work in secret and without limiting their "canvas" Only specially designated places drawings.

I urbanist to the bone, I decorate the city pictures, and inspire them zipping through the streets on a skateboard. I would not say that doing this professionally, I ride for fun: the weather is good, smooth roads - that's all I need to feel alive, to understand what life is and what you need to live and to come off the whole hog.

Breathe a wind siganut with descent and abruptly fall apart on the big turns!
Finally I want to say a few words about the attitude of society towards people who are different from the crowd. For me, the surrounding people are divided into four types: the first type I love the most: it's people who do not care for me.

The second type are those who like my drawings and work, as well as my own style. The number of third are people who seem to like my drawings, and I somehow not very much. I want to thank them for it, what they value my work.
But the past, the majority of these are those who believe they have the right to tell others how to live and what to wear. They show off, screaming something considered normal pictures of me on the subway or in a café and laughing at me a couple of times even attacked.

But all this does not matter. I like to be different, be yourself, not someone else's copy and do the work that I love"

Text: Rugiya Ali Asger

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