My Love as Herbarium

I always wanted to have my own herbarium. Herbarium of love, of feelings, emotions, memories.
People are inclined to forget very important moments in their life and I am not an exception. I decided to make this project because several months ago I got very upset as I realized that I couldn't remember the voice of a person who is very important for me but whom I haven't met for a long time.
6 years ago when I first fell in love I picked a flower and saved in my book, I started making my herbarium. Idea was that every flower or leaf should be connected with different people. 
Years later I noticed that whenever I wanted to remember a person first of all I was remembering a plant connected with a concrete person. 
Imagination of appearance, of face, eyes, expression was replaced with a flower. That's how I saved my memories. Every time I look at my book I can remember the whole stories connected with the owners of them. 
The main idea of making this project was to fulfill my memory by connecting dried flowers and their owners with each other. 
While taking "portraits" I asked them to express their attitude to me with hands, later I asked them to give a name to that attitude, to give a name to herbarium of my love.
This is a result of my project.
This is my personal herbarium of my life.


Story N1

When we broke up this sentence got into my mind and was stuck for a long time: "I thought I could be more than one and we could be more than two".
We were full of love but got frightened exactly by this love. We were too little to be free. 
But even though 7 years have passed we still confess - "we have raised each other." 
Who knows what kind of people we would be if we didn't meet each other.
My love as herbarium he named : " First Love"

Story N2

At night I found a red rose in front of my door. The next day on my birthday with friends he said that he wanted to sing a song for me and started singing a song of our favorite singer Irakli Charkviani.
While singing he looked at me with a smile and sang : "I might come today to you with a rose in my hand..." In the original lyrics of this song there is mentioned "roses" but there was only one rose the day before next to my door.

My love as herbarium he named : " Hearteye "

Story N3

I remember sea, night, moon. It was a full moon and I asked him to make a wish. He said "for love and art." I answered : "Love is art." Later he told me he wanted to use these words in any of his projects or movie if he will make some.. Well, I was first to use it.
My love as herbarium he named : "Proximity - wanna be near you"