A face without a name

This photographic project “A face without a name” is a journey through imagination and reality, in the territory of the Caucasus. A visual trip to discover that part of the world that has a foot in the Asia and another foot in Europe. This feeling of ambiguity, if on the one hand creates a unique balance in the culture of the place, on the other hand leads to a disorientation many of the people who live there. This land seems a unknown face, which communicates with the gaze and beyond any classification.

For others, it is like a face without a name; a place where identity is lost and traditions are unleashed under the sun of contemporaneity. The Caucasus is a balancing acrobat on the thread of tradition, on the point of falling over the overhang of his past. It is a geographical but also emotional place that yearns for its identity and dreams of stability that it has not yet had. Telling the story of the Caucasus means telling a rich and at the same time cruel story. A story that has carved the face of the people and has painted their horizons with strong hues with ineffable shades. For many people the Caucasus is like a beautiful bird with colorful feathers. They would like to put it in their golden cage, but he never gets it.

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