Radio Marneuli: Community Radio for Georgia's Ethnic Azeri Community

Radio Marneuli, an independent radio and internet news outlet based in Marneuli of Kvemo Kartli region, began back in 2006, when representatives of the BBC arrived in Marneuli with a proposal to open a community radio station in town. 

However, the startup radio station ran into barriers from the National Communication Commission of Georgia, which refused to issue them an FM broadcasting license. 

The young journalists tried to get around this obstacle by distributing audio cassettes with their broadcasts pre - recorded to locals, and even had loudspeakers installed in the town’s parks. 

In recent years, the radio station was able to broadcast its programs via their site.

Now, 10 years later, Radio Marneuli has received an FM broadcasting license, and will be able to broadcast throughout Marneuli and up to 30km away. 

Watch Meydan TV’s feature report and interview with Kamilla Mamedova to find out more.  

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