John White

I am Kamal Kangarli. I was born in Baku in 1999 and live here since that time. My grandfather live in USA. I am very interested in this country. I follow the rappers' videos and video-clips, who live there, and feel myself in American hip-hop atmosphere. This influenced my life style and appearance, seriously. Western style attracts my attention with its "purity" more than other cultural countries or regions. Basketball courts, tagging streets and corners…All of them make me fascinate and go into rapture.

I began going in for roofing, recently. First, I did it only for wonderful cadre. Because, I like to take photos and want to work as photographer in future. After a bit, I tried to do my first "rotation". It became for me an incredible adrenaline that, I began to search new buildings and the roofs, I can climb. At the same time I took videos of things, I had seen, and shared them with my friends on social network. I didn't waste my efforts. Afterwards I received a call from Moscow and was offered to work with the site Certainly, it inspired me to get new achievement.

I'm not going to stop and shall do my best to reach my aim - to become photographer and carry on the wonderful tradition of my family as famous artist and photographer. Using the opportunity, I want to deliver my suggestions to the people, who are reading this article: "Guys, don't listen to others, do what your hearts want, wear what you like, do what give you pleasure. Don't repeat anyone's behavior. You will reach your succeed!"


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