• Murad Mammadov: "I was born in Baku in 1990. I have congential bone weakness and calcium failure. The first bone brake happened when i was four months old. There was no doctor could give a true diagnose. Finally,when i was one-two years old,I was given a diagnose (Incomplete Ostiogenise) .


  • For this reason, I couldn't walk till my fifteenth age. Doctors told me that, I would never walk. I couldn't go to school cause of my illness. I had only learned reading and writing form first and second classes's books at home. Other parts i had learned by TV an journals. I tried to walk at home when i was 15. I could do it after three steps. Then i could get out and walk after my a few months's training. When I was 17, I worked a cassier in the "Playstation Computer Game Centre". At my twentieth age i got some computer knowledge in the "Reabilitation and Professional Education Centre" for disabilities people for three months. After i had finished that, I became a member of non-governmental organization, which helps to disabilities people's social integration to society. I have learned being a trainer by taking part in trainings for trainers here. That year I have begun working as a trainer by the theme of disability at educational institution of the number 210. Then I have taken part in different local and intetrnational seminars by the theme of "Disability and Human Rights". This activity of mine is going on. Nowadays i get some invitations from foreign contries to the seminars by the theme of disdability. In addition, since 2012 I have worked as a social media meneger in some organisations. This activity of mine continiues. Now i conduct seminars of motivation. One of my hobbies is acting as a blogger."

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